How Home4U Works

With Home4U you look for your own home.

There are five steps for you to follow in choosing your new home. There are more details on each section later in the guide:

Step 1 - Membership

You are automatically a member of Home4U if you are accepted onto the Housing Register.

Step 2 - Registration

Once you have applied and been accepted onto the Register you will be registered on the Home4U scheme and allocated a unique Home4U number.

Step 3 - Choosing & Bidding

You can see the available properties on the Home4U website. If you find a property you would like to move to then as long as you are eligible, you can bid for it.

Step 4 - The Offer

If your bid is at the top of the list we will invite you to view the property. If you like it and, after all the usual checks, you are eligible, we will offer you the property.

Step 5 - Feedback

In every edition of Home4U we will publish the results of the previous bidding cycles, including how many people bid for each property and the band and points level of the successful bidder. For more details on feedback click here

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