Welcome to the Home4U User Guide

This guide is designed to assist new housing applicants to understand the Home4U scheme. It is intended as a basic guide to the Home4U scheme. If you would like a full copy of one of the Allocation Schemes or further assistance with understanding the Home4U scheme please use the to either visit the websites or phone the organisations details are found here.

The Home4U Scheme covers the letting of all the social housing in Stevenage and North Hertfordshire.

Social housing is the name for all the homes that are owned by Stevenage Borough Council, North Hertfordshire Housing Partnership or by Registered Providers (RP's). Registered Social Landlords are mostly housing associations, although there are some other specialist RSLs in the towns.

There is a very high demand in Stevenage and North Hertfordshire for social housing. At the start of 2016, there were approximately 4,500 applicants on the housing registers and we are predicting approximately 900 new or empty homes each year.

The demand for social housing is already much greater than the supply of new or empty homes, and it is growing very quickly, as the number of new applicants who join the Home4U scheme each year is double the number who are housed through the scheme.

Although in Stevenage and North Hertfordshire the costs of buying a home or renting a home or renting a room are high, we recommend to all applicants on the Home4U scheme that you should explore all your other housing options as well as joining this scheme.

Existing tenants in social housing should explore mutual exchanges (i.e. swapping homes with each other), as it is often easier, quicker and cheaper to find a suitable home
this way, and in many cases the rules for exchange may allow people to gain or to keep spare rooms, which the Home4U scheme does not allow.

Most of the applicants on the Home4U scheme will probably not be housed or re-housed through the scheme, and most of the applicants who are successful may have to wait several years before they can place a winning bid.

We hope that you find the Home4U scheme easy to use, but we hope too that all users of the Home4U scheme understand that there is not enough social housing in our towns to meet the demand for it.

Private Rented
There are approximately 4,000 properties rented privately in each Local Authority Area. The councils may be able to help a limited number of households with deposits through their rent deposit schemes.

Homebuy is a government led initiative to help people buy an affordable home through shared ownership. Households with incomes of up to £60,000 may qualify. Details of the scheme are available at Lea Valley Homes or 01582 869440.

More Advice
Stevenage Borough Council and North Hertfordshire District Council Housing Advice Services offer a free service so if you need help with housing or would like to discuss your housing options please contact the Housing Advice Team in Stevenage on 01438 242242 or email:housing.advice@stevenage.gov.uk

In North Herts, contact NHDC on 01462 474682

Their service is free, impartial and confidential.

If you would like to register for housing click here.


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