Look out for a pop up inviting you to re-register your housing application (3 month prior to your registration date)

In order to keep the register up to date, the North Hertfordshire Housing Partnership undertakes a regular review.  We are obliged to verify that you still wish to be on the register and also check that your circumstances have not changed.

In the 3 months before the annual anniversary of your application you will receive a pop up on your Home4U homepage asking you to re-register.

If you wish to remain on the register and renew your application you need to login to your account and confirm one of the following options:

·  No, my circumstances have not changed - If your circumstances have not changed then click on the ‘no’ box. This means your application will be renewed for another year.  No further action will be required.

·  Yes, my circumstances have changed - For example, if you have moved home or a household member has joined your household, then you will be required to complete an online form detailing any such changes.  Click on the ‘Have your circumstances changed’ link and follow the instructions submitting with evidence. 

If you do not respond to the annual review your application will result in your registration account being closed and you will no longer be able to bid for homes on Home4U.


Mutual Exchange


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If you are a social housing tenant, there's more than one way to move. As well as looking for a new home through Home4U, you can also advertise your home for 'swap' with another tenant on the Exchange Locata website. Why not take a look and see what is available?